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We specialize in all aspects of building renovation and restoration. Our specialized scopes of work are performed with our own highly-skilled and certified labor force, giving us the unique ability to maintain the highest level of quality and efficiency throughout the project. We NEVER rely on other Subcontractors for performance.

With the most experienced labor force in the industry, we continually educate our field staff with the latest products and installation procedures backed and certified by the most predominant product manufacturers in the industry, including (but not limited to) STO Products, Sherwin Williams, Tremco, Sika, Vulkem, Pecora, Ply-Deck, and many more.

Structural Concrete Repair & Restoration

From single unit structures, to multi-story parking garages and condominiums, we have over 20 years of concrete restoration experience supported by the most current certifications in the industry. Recent projects have ranged from operable, public, multi-level condo balcony and deck repairs, to simple beam and column repairs. Regardless of the project size or scope, we always give our full attention to project details to ensure the highest level of quality control and Client satisfaction.

Heavy, Structural and Light Demolition

From complete building removal to isolated removal in occupied spaces, we understand the necessity for precision and professionalism during the demolition phase of the project.

Concrete & Shell Work

New construction, additions, or re-building to match existing, we have the unique in-house capability to comply with any Structural Engineering requirements to seamlessly complete project design intent.

Interior/Exterior Framing, Drywall & Insulation

Whether you require incidental framework, office build-out, or multi-family partition production, we maintain the highest level of framework and drywall in the industry.

Stucco, Painting, Caulking, and Waterproofing

Re-stucco, new stucco, all coatings and textured paintings, restore window and joint caulking, new applications, expansion joints, elevator pit restoration, below and above grade waterproofing, and XO air and vapor barriers. With the most experienced skilled labor force in the industry, we are able to offer warranties that exceed most industry standards.

Roofing, Deck, and Textured Coatings and Applications

New or re-roofs, deck coatings, commercial and residential, liquid applied decks and all roofing applications to meet all stringent local code requirements, we’ve got you covered.

Windows, Railings, Door and Screen Replacement

If your exterior elements are in need of repair or if you are simply looking for more curb appeal, we can seamlessly replace your windows, railings, doors, and screens.

Traffic Coatings, Paving, Striping, and Hardscapes

Parking upgrades or parking code requirements? We are your one-stop shop to include all of your parking requirements as mandated by your local municipality.

Code Enforcement Building Re-Certifications

Have you been notified of your 40 year building re-certification? This has been enacted by your local County Code Enforcement to have your building certified for all structural and electrical elements ensuring the life-safety of the occupants. This notification is usually triggered on the 40 year anniversary after your original permit was filed. The requirements to comply, demands significant time and administrative attention. Furthermore, you will need to retain a State Certified Structural and Electrical Engineer to pass inspections. This will most likely result in extensive construction work, should this process NOT be managed by experienced professionals.

We have extensive experience to stream-line this process along with numerous long-lasting relationships with a team of independent, professional, certified Engineers. We will work closely with Engineers and governing municipalities to walk the Client through the process with the most economical solutions for speedy compliance.

We understand that your budgets may not account for extensive structural or electrical repairs. Our goal is to strategize the most efficient path to comply with local requirements while building a long-lasting relationship should you require future work or maintenance.

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